About us

Nacionalna Distribucija is a distributor and importer of leading domestic and international brands of consumer goods.

The company exists since 2012. Our strength has been focused on providing fast and efficient services to our customers and preserve good reputation in business. In order to meet the requirements, needs and expectations, the foundation of our business is:
  • Focus on people and developing of our own resources;
  • Good relationship and complete sales service to our customers;
  • Supplier satisfaction.
Our team of young, promising and educated people perform work duties and goals in accordance with the ethical code of business. The management of our company is trying to achieve and maintain the level of quality team work, as well as to invest in even better results.
  • Providing complete services and customer care.
  • Direct marketing and positioning of goods in retail stores throughout Serbia.
  • Delivery of goods by own transport service within 48 hours.
  • Development of our own brands.
  • To be one of the leading companies in distribution of consumer goods.
  • Always be of service to customers and provide high-quality products that are available to broader range of end users.
  • To operate in accordance with legal and ethical standards.
  • To take care of education of our employees and the quality of living standards of their families.
  • To have a highly professional and dynamic management team to build the company's success.

Knowledge - essential to perform an excellent job. We are constantly trying to gain new knowledge.

Professionalism - by acquiring new knowledge we maintain a level of professionalism in our work.

Responsibility - - we are responsible for each level of your business and are willing to bear the consequences, both positive and negative.

Initiative - we show initiative whenever there is a problem or a chance to do something better.

Teamwork - together with colleagues and in teamwork, we will easier and better contribute to success of the whole company.

Cooperation - we will do our best to help colleague to solve the problem if it occurs.

Integrity - we respect our integrity, knowing that we are not only company employees, but also its integral part.

Loyalty - we will never jeopardize the interests of our Company.

Respect - we respect our Company, its principles, business partners and colleagues regardless of their position, gender or nationality.

Optimism - since we think this way, we know our company will thrive and be a good workplace for us. We are proud to be a part of the existing system.


Our brands

In addition to distribution of goods for our business partners in the whole territory of Serbia, we produce and sell frozen products of our brand YUPIK.



Guided by etymological research of words, L'odissea was created as a symbol of strength, leadership and success we aspire to. Primarily originated from desire to make a unique brand of outstanding quality and price, thus being recognizable on the market.

L'odissea wet wipes for babies - made of high-quality natural nonwoven fabric.

Of mild odor without perfume additives and potentially harmful materials, parabens and alcohol, nurture and clean delicate baby skin without fear of causing allergies.

Economical and practical for the whole family, available in packs of 64 pieces.

L'ODISSEA COTTON WOOL AND COSMETIC PADS are made of 100% chemically pure cotton, not bleached with chlorine. They are highly absorbent - absorb liquid up to 12 times its weight in 10 seconds. They are manufactured according to European pharmaceutical standards and meet all hygienic and medical requirements.

COTTON WOOL is suitable for personal hygiene and makeup removal. Average fiber length is 16mm and is very soft and gentle for the skin. You can find it in 50g, 100g and 200g packs.

L’ODISSEA COSMETIC PADS can be used for daily beauty routine and facial hygiene, for make up and nail polish removal and disinfection, as well as baby’s skin treatment. You can find them in a package of 80 pcs.

We distribute



Olival cosmetics developed from old pharmaceutical recipes, natural ingredients and cutting edge cosmetology and technology. The knowledge, expertise and experience have created a successful small company, 20 years engaged in production of cosmetic products for care and skin protection, all made by their own formulas using raw materials of natural origin.

Production is compliant with EU regulations and the products fully meet the high cosmetics standards. Olival Company is the first in the region to certify its prestigious cosmetics with NATRUE certificate, that guarantees high quality and natural origin of all raw materials.

Most of the products contain over 90% natural ingredients. By avoiding artificial colors and fragrances and by using eco-certified preservatives, they are trying to retain the quality and safety of products. Raw materials and extracts of herbs from our climate and environment, for example, immortelle, calendula, chamomile, burdock, walnut, wort or lavender and olive oil are used in products.

The product range consists of about 50 products divided into several main lines: lines for hair, body, face, sun tanning, and the line of cosmetics for special purposes.



With its unique technology and excellent product quality it stands out as one of cutting edge productions of wet wipes in Serbia and beyond.

With its range of products it is dedicated primarily to family and their youngest.

The carefully selected composition, alcohol-free and paraben-free, 100% natural ingredients nourish and do not irritate sensitive baby skin.

The range of products includes:

Aqua sweet care - unique wet wipes for babies in our market, containing 99% of purest purified water;

Baby sweet care and Hey baby in different packages;

Pocket handkerchiefs for everyday use.



Production-oriented company, capable of processing medicinal herbs harvested from the mountains of southern Serbia and areas of the mountain Radan.

Technically qualified for storage, drying and processing of raw materials for tea industry and production of spices, pure essential oils, plant extracts, extracts of fruits and vegetables.

The range consists of: Herbal drops of Wild garlic, Chokeberry, Artichoke, Echinacea, Plantain, Nettles, Hawthorn, Uwe, Valerian; their mixtures Cirkulokap, Probavina, Prostalkap and vegetable oils of St. Wort and Calendula.



One of the most modern factories for the corn-based products in the town of Satu Mare in Romania. It is currently the largest producer of gluten-free pasta in Europe. Ever since its establishment in 1994, it became the leader in the market with the strategy of continuous growth, positioning its products in over 50 countries worldwide.

Its range of corn pasta includes gluten free Pasta d’Oro, gluten-free corn pasta with quinoa, gluten-free corn pasta with rice as well as polenta, one of the most frequent gluten-free products. These products are intended for everyone: children, athletes, elderly people and especially for people suffering from Celiac Disease.



Brand MOJE BRAŠNO (my flour) as such is completely new on the market and is currently the most modern mill in the region with reliable and constant quality. It was built in the 1950s in Batajnica, as part of a large company Žitomlin, which was privatized in parts in the year 2000.

During 2015, a complete reconstruction of the mill was done, and now it owns the technology of Italian giant Golfetto Sangati. The laboratory was established in cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture in Novi Sad. Every day the wheat quality control in the entrance and control of finished products is being done.



"Ravanica", confectionery factory from Ćuprija, is well-known for production of healthy cereal bars Bonižita.

Ravanica has been building its business from 1980s. It was then that Ravanica positioned itself at the highest level in confectionary industry with its unique product Bonžita, which continue to this day. It has won numerous awards at prestigious fairs in the country and the region, which confirms that the quality and tradition have no barriers.

In its range, in addition to Bonžita bars of various flavors (apricot, honey, pineapple, aronia, cranberry, chocolate, etc.) there are also Romansa products and Baton biscuit with coconut and nuts flavor, chocolate program Šumska tajna, Lady and Holi Hip as well as the salt program Perece and Flips.




Partners and products


We are open for all team-oriented, ambitious and energetic people who are willing to build their career in our company. If you see yourself in a dynamic and stimulating environment, with the possibility for continued professional development and progress, fill out the form below, in order to have your data.
You will be contacted if your qualifications meet our current needs.

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At the beginning of April 2017 we attended the opening of a new business-manufacturing facility of Olival company with whom we work for more than a year. This producer of natural cosmetics recently moved to a new address in western part of Zagreb where the three-floor office building of 1200 m2 was built with the help of EU funds. The first two floors are engaged by the warehouse and production, and the third by business premises and laboratory. The space is decorated minimalistic, and the building is energy efficient with minimal impact on the environment. Production capacity increased by 4 to 5 times. In addition to exports to the countries of the region it is expected to start cooperation with companies from Germany, Turkey and the Middle East.

In friendly atmosphere, on April 6th the official opening of a new facility took place in the presence of media, state representatives, distributors from the region and many business partners from the Croatian company Olival. We had an opportunity to get acquainted with production process and be assured in its quality. We were presented with novelties such as natural deo-cream which drew a lot of interest from customers because of its uniqueness. "It is important to make our products available to a wider range of consumers and therefore we always adapt the price to standards of our customers," said Olival Director Mr. Marijan Pojatina and expressed satisfaction with the constant stable growth and operations of the company.